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NYC-based programs Order naloxone and other materials

Materials For Rescue Kits:

Order Print Materials: Print online "How to Use Narcan Nasal Spray For An Opioid Overdose" factsheet (produced by NYSDOH).

N-CAP Materials and Order Form

911 NYS Good Samaritan Law


Dispensing Naloxone Via a Non-Patient Specific Prescription - (webinar)

This training is intended for pharmacists dispensing naloxone under standing orders issued by the Erie County Department of Health and the Harm Reduction Coalition, however it is also appropriate for all pharmacists dispensing naloxone.

Naloxone Dispensing in Pharmacies and the Naloxone Copayment Assistance Program - (webinar)
A one -hour webinar available to community opioid overdose programs about NYSDOH’s naloxone dispending program and naloxone copayment assistant program (N-CAP).